Frequently Asked Questions

  Q: Minimum OS Requirements? 
  A: macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later
Windows 10 (build 17763) or later
>2.4GHz with at least two cores
Must have stereo input and stereo output
Less busy multi-tasking workload is recommended.
  Q: Why App Store?  
  A: Yes, App Store is frustrating.
For buyers, the registration procedure is overly cumbersome. For sellers,about 30% sales will be cut off, not to mention the restrictive rules of getting app approved. Fortunately, there are also non-negligible advantages. App Store resolves many common problems of software distribution, as enumerated below:
- Trusted/secured payment
- License management/transfer/sharing
- User account, invoice/receipt and tax
- Auto update of purchased apps
- Anti-virus
- Anti-piracy
- App search
- Download hosting & bandwidth
Imagine if each software developer has to set up its own solution for providing the above services, the developer will be much distracted from app development, and also, the app's final price will be much higher due to the additional distribution overhead which has no contribution to the app's functionality & quality. Thus, the buyer may end up paying more for less, and the transaction may not necessarily be easier as it might seem -- think about the concern of giving credit card to a stranger, filling in forms with personal information, manually typing in the received license key and dealing with activation errors...etc.

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  Q: Side-Loading Possible?  
  A: Unfortunately, installing the app on a computer without going through the App Store (aka: side-loading) is not supported because apps designed for App Store are based on the new sandbox technology. Either Apple or Microsoft are enforcing sandbox technologies on their latest operating systems (macOS or Windows), which require App Store as the centralized software distributer. Developers are encouraged to adopt the new sandbox technologies for being more "future proof" into the new ecosystem, at a cost of losing backward compatibility to the traditional package based installation.

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  Q: Too Expensive?  
  A: Yes, this is surely not a life-changing app that everybody needs everyday. But it still requires comparable amount of time, efforts and knowledge to develop because niche needs are not negligible needs. For those individuals who have been needing such a specialized tool for years, it could make total sense, or completely the opposite for others. Some niche needs haven't been addressed for decades due to technical challenges or foreseeable negative ROI. But if someone is willing to commit, would it worth being recognized?

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  Q: Too Cheap?  
  A: Well, inexpensive ≠ inferior quality. The app is not an impromptu product, an academic demo nor an experimental prototype. It is nothing lack of deep thoughts, algorithmic research, software engineering and originality. However, it is certainly not flawless and may contain bugs -- like with any other software products including those high-profile apps. Perhaps, it is a poor product in terms of profitability. But the birth of the app would not happen if it was solely driven by commercial motivation.

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  Q: For Win8/7/Vista/XP?  
  A: Unfortunately, this app is based on the new sandbox technology which is not backward compatible with Win8/7/Vista/XP.

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  Q: For Linux?  
  A: Unfortunately, there is no plan to make a native app for Linux. However, the PC version of the app may work in VirtualBox on Linux. But Wine is not supported.  
  Q: Trial/demo version?  
  A: No, but sorry. Although this is a natural, logical and fair requirement, it can not be realized right away because staged license management costs too much overhead. It is not as simple as it looks like. That's why the centralized App Store makes sense. As soon as the app opts in joining the new ecosystem, it is committed to follow the Citizenship Code there and wishes the system meeting customer needs better in future.

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  Q: Is this app for me?  

It's hard to say but here are a few self-test statements for assistance:

 - I'm looking for pro tools for my science research project.
 - I'm measuring data for convincing others more than just myself.
 - I'd like to configure a tool in every detail and do not mind managing complex settings.
 - I'm rather conservative in using new software tools.
 - I can't tolerate more than 10.0 second difference between two home clocks.
 - I prefer numeric readings over analogue gauge.
 - I prefer modern or futuristic GUI rather than retro control panel.

If any of the above statements is true, please count it as a warring.

  Q: In which degree it simulates the real hardware?  

It comes with both limitations and extensions.

- The performance varies depending on the actual sound card used.
- It may not be immediately ready for measuring absolute voltage unless a rather rigid calibration work has been performed (as described in the embedded user's guide).
- An average sound card can not measure higher voltage above 1.0V unless a physical attenuator has been added.
- The software measures everything with digital algorithms instead of analogue circuits, which may not necessarily give the exact same readings as given by an analogue instrument.

- THD at 1kHz in addition to only 400Hz
- Speed at 3150Hz in addition to only 3000Hz
- W&F in (W)RMS in addition to only Peak
- Spectrum analyzer
- Frequency Response plotting (White, Pink, Sweep)
- Simple Oscilloscope
- Lissajous display with slow-motion ellipse

  Q: Repurchase or renew?  
  A: No, no periodical repurchase or renewal will be required after the initial purchase. The software is distributed with perpetual license (no time limit). According to the current Store policy (both MS and Apple), it can be re-installed on the same computer, or, installed on limited number of different computers — under the same account used for making the initial purchase, there will be no repeated charge.