Privacy Policy



This privacy statement covers your use of mobile application VocalStyler developed by Anaxwaves.

Information Collected By VocalStyler App:

VocalStyler app will collect audio data only when it is active (in foreground). Audio data includes your voice, environmental sound and background music.

By default, the app will allow Google Advertisement embedded in the UI, in which Google may collect advertisement analytic data through this app. However, user can optionally remove the embedded Google Advertisement by in-app purchase.

How Your Information Will Be Used By VocalStyler App?

All audio data is thru and thrown, no copy or transfer will happen in any form, unless you ask VocalStyler app to keep it in a recording file (by pressing the record button).

Recordings are local files that can be shared only with your explicit authorization.

Although user is allowed to interact with the embedded Google Advertisement, the interaction is opaque to the app and no data will be captured by this app.