Privacy Policy



This privacy statement covers your use of mobile application VocalStyler developed by Anaxwaves.

Information Collected By VocalStyler App:

1. VocalStyler App will collect audio data only when it is active (in forground). Audio data includes your voice, environmental sound and background music.
2. Sometimes, if a recorded audio has to be transferred as a video, a still image is needed to fill the visual content. VocalStyler App will provide you with an option to capture an image from the camera.
3. Before you share a recording, VocalStyler App may ask for your account information (user name/password/email address) on behalf of the third-party service provider that you choose, such as: Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube, Google Drive or SoundClould ...

How Your Information Will Be Used By VocalStyler App?

1. All audio data is thru and thrown, no copy or transfer will happen in any form, unless you ask VocalStyler App to keep it in a recording file (by pressing the record button). 2. Recordings are local files that can be shared only with your explicit authorization. VocalStyler App will prompt you with legal/privacy information before you share a recording via supported third-party online services. It is also implied by default that you acknowledged the corresponding privacy policy of the specific third-party service provider you are using. 3. Your account information (user name/password/email address) for a particular third-party online services will be collected by the software component from that service provider which is embedded in VocalStyler App. VocalStyler App has no access to the information although it looks like. Please refer to the privacy/security policy of the specific service provider you are using.