Mixtape Nerd

  Mixtape Nerd is a dedicated app for curating analog mixtape using digital audio files. Designed specifically for audio tape enthusiasts, this app features a series of specialized tools not found in common DJ apps, yet useful for transferring audio from digital files to analog audio tapes.
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Since the digital age, people have been enthusiastic about transferring audio from analog tapes to digital files. Contrarily, new opportunities in the reverse direction has been largely overlooked. Analog audio tape is such an underrated classic format that can still reap the dividends from modern audio sources, offering natural, tangible and authentic musical experience. With the resurgence of analog HiFi, and today's readily accessible digital audio sources, the untapped excellence of audio tape beckons for exploration and appreciation. And the appeal of analog mix-taping deserves a renewed attention.

Even in the 21st century, making an analog mixtape can still be a time-consuming task. Despite the popularity of computers, the actual performance is largely software dependent. Anyone who had ever tried to make an analog mixtape with a computer may easily remember how much time had been spent on arranging the audio files to fit the tape length on both sides; how tedious it was to manually normalize each audio track by using DAW; and how many times the same tape had to be rewound and re-recorded again and again just to correct the previous mis-estimation of audio levels... Although there are tons of playlist apps and DJ apps available out there, compiling analog mixtape remains a forgotten field with poor automation. The absence of a domain-specific software app is the primary gap to be closed.

This app is not designed as a comprehensive solution but rather as a result of nerdy efforts to streamline the analog mixtape process to a limited extent. The features and functionalities are list below:

● Tape Length Fitting
   - Auto arrangement (side A/B)
   - Silence padding/trimming
   - Fadeout or crossfade
   - Total time display
● Level Normalization
   - Peak
   - VU
   - LUFS
● Compression
   - D-ALC
   - DxL
   - Soft Knee
● EQ Translation
   - 120μS/70μS
   - Nakamichi/Others
● NR Encoding
   - DDi-B (Dolby-B compatible)
   - DDi-C (Dolby-C compatible)
   - DxI (dbx-I compatible)
   - DxII (dbx-II compatible)
          ● Level Meter
   - dBFS
   - PPM
   - VU
● Level Calibration
   - None
   - Basic
   - Advanced
   - DDi (Dolby-B/C equivalent)
   - Peak index
● Output
   - Playlist (m3u8)
   - Master audio
   - Auxiliary audio (reference tone 0dB/Dolby)
   - Live audio
   - Track list


Please note, this app is not a PRO grade tool by design, instead, it is a lightweight utility for audio enthusiasts who appreciate tape-based analog HiFi. Analog mix taping is a multi-factor optimization art, harmonizing objective rules and subjective preferences. Everyone has unique workflow and feature requests to suggest. Developing a universally accommodating software for serving such a task is a challenge, especially with limited resources. Hence, this app retains its commitment to being focused, concise and cost-effective, and steering clear of an overwhelming user interface akin to a spaceship's cockpit. Nevertheless, there might still be a bit of a learning curve to getting started. Especially for beginners, this app is merely a tool rather than a cookbook, having a basic understanding of analog tape recording beforehand would be of great help to overcome the initial learning curve.

Please also be mindful of the following technical constraints:

- Online streaming sources are not supported, unless pre-downloaded as local files.
- Items protected in the local Audio Library (e.g.: iTunes) are not supported.
- Tracks on LP, CD and tapes are not directly supported, unless digitized to local files.
- Acceptable audio file formats are: wav, flac, mp3, aac and ape, with standard stereo L/R channel layout, 44.1kHz ~ 192kHz, 16/24Bit.
- Preferred audio file location is the system designated "Music" folder, or otherwise explicit access permissions will be required repetitively.
- Works only with standard sound card with standard stereo L/R channel layout. Advanced PRO/Game sound cards may work but may require additional channel-remapping work pre-done at OS level.
- Exclusive sound card mode is currently in experiment and not guaranteed to work with any given sound card.
- Common DJ features are not included
   - No plugin interface.
   - No cloud sharing.
   - No beat match during cross-fade.
   - No graphic equalizer.
- Basic knowledge in analog tape recording would be required.

  Minimum System Requirements
OS  macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later
 Windows 10 v1903 or later (except Enterprise)
CPU  >2.4GHz with at least two cores
SoundCard  Must have stereo input and stereo output

How to Install:
The software is being exclusively distributed via App Store or Microsoft Store.
The best way to download and install the app is to use the OS built-in "Store" app (such as "App Store" on macOS or "Microsoft Store" on Windows 10+). A registered user account with Apple or Microsoft will be required to start. Although a transaction can be finished outside of the Store, e.g.: via a Web browser, the actuall download/install should be completed by using the OS built-in "Store" app. So, it is recommanded to do all the procedures by using the "Store" app.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Contact: anaxwaves@gmail.com

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